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Nov 12, 2019

Money Bees, let’s welcome today’s guest on the wealthy fempreneur podcast- Master energy healer, Chloe Devin! Chloe weaves magic with reiki, crystals and movement to help women heal their energy so they can embody their true power. She is the chillest person on the planet, as you'll hear on this episode! Her signature neon pink jacket, jet black high pony tail and dark purple lipstick is a whole other vibe. 

Chloe is a magical Master Healer who is refreshingly real and walks the walk. She lives what she preaches and through her own life experience she's teaching women how to live a consistently happy life, tap into their Divine power and rise!

In this episode she will inspire you to protect your energy (and chill the fuck out), tune into your feminine energy, extract goodness from your wounds and so much more! You’re gonna love her and you'll thank yourself for listening to this super juicy episode! 

You can follow Chloe Devin on Instagram at @chloemfdevin and get your free energy meditation at

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