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Nov 25, 2019

Do you feel worthy of having enough money to be the next successful, female billionaire that the world needs? Given how we’re raised and taught that we're meant to raise families & put others first, this probably makes you very uncomfortable to even think about!

Women need to know that their services are worthy of massive compensation and yes, that includes you, Money Bee! To give you perspective, only 12% of the world’s billionaires are women! 12%!!! That’s a teeny tiny slice of the pie, what’s worse is that the number is dropping as we speak!

That’s exactly why this episode covers the common fears and bullshit beliefs we carry about money and feeling worthy. Not only will Alyssa show you WHY you need to get on the train to skyrocketing your success and making massive money, she’s also leading an in-depth training running from Monday the 25th to Wednesday the 27th that will help you get rid of these BS stories that are keeping you feeling broke and helpless! Alyssa gives it to you straight so you can Give Yourself a Raise in 3 Days. Here’s to never feeling unworthy around your prices again! It should be mentioned that there is a giveaway EVERY night, with an amazing line up of goodies and that the whole thing is FREEEEE! You do not want to miss out! Click here to join TODAY and stand to win in this value packed training tonight at 7 pm EST.

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