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Oct 4, 2019

This awesome first interview for the Wealthy Fempreneur had to be with the brilliant Rachel Spencer. Rachel is a Biz coach & strategist from NYC who helps boss babes become powerful authorities in their niche and bring in clients with ease so that they can scale their empires to six-figures. Her Instagram, @mycoachrachel has been featured in SELF, Allure, Teen Vogue, the Today Show and a fuck ton more. Not only is she a badass Biz coach who has scaled her business to over $300k this year by helping female entrepreneurs all over the world, she's also Alyssa's biz bestie!

We're talking about owning your authority and expertise, math, vulnerability and how being yourself on social media can help you be super successful!

Masterminding about your money and business can be fun and relaxed, as you'll see in this episode that it truly does not get any more chill than this Interview between Biz Besties!

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